Honey Fungus?

Some fungi photos – the Amanita was in Cottage Lane. The other fungi are growing at the root of a dead maple tree in my garden.  Would like to know what they are – are they responsible for killing the tree?  Phil Tomlinson
The red Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria) is quite unmistakable, but correctly identifying similar looking fungi in the field can be real a challenge.  And from photos it can be almost impossible!   Having said that, I showed your photos to someone better at fungi than I, and we think from the shape, size, and colour that these brown ones are all honey fungus – Armillaria mellea.  In which case, yes they are most probably responsible for the death of your maple.  Honey fungus is very common and can grow on living trees as well as on dead and decaying woody material.  If you can find the associated dark looking ‘boot-laces’ which are the underground parts of this fungus (technically called rhizomporphs) behind the bark or in the soil, or you find white fungal material under the bark, this would confirm its identification.   Useful information on how best to deal with the problem in a garden situation can be found on this RHS web page http://apps.rhs.org.uk/advicesearch/Profile.aspx?pid=180  It is not easy, and involves digging! Good luck, Ralph
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