New species on peanut feeder

Not a bird but a slug!   Two in fact, which had somehow managed to slide their way down a drooping rose stem and onto the peanuts in the rain [8/7/2012].  These are the brown form of the large black slug Arion ater which fortunately eat mostly dead and decaying leaves etc in preference to garden plants!   One seemed to be following the other, probably with the intention to mate, whilst a third had found its way into the dish below the niger feeder and was eating spilt seed.  Needless to say I hastily removed all three using a large leaf to get a grip, and also cut out their access route!

If any slug could ever be described as handsome then this would surely be right up there!


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  1. Ralph
    You obviously have the power of identification for slugs….do you have any particular books or which source do you use?? Im interested in identifying them too as they are an animal that is seen so regularly and ignored so often, if you can offer any assistance please let me know.

    • I still use “A Field Guide to Land Snails of Britain and North-West Europe” by Kerney, M. P. And Cameron, R. A. D published by Collins 1994, which is out of print, and also “A Guide to Snails of Britain and Europe” by Dr V Pfleger & Dr June Chatfield published by Hamlyn 1983 which also includes a key to British species, which is also out of print! Both books include slugs even though the titles suggests otherwise. The first has colour paintings and the second has good colour photos. Maybe you can find second-hand copies – I checked on just now and the cheapest there was £26 for the first and £16 for the second, both plus p+p! There’s also an AidGap series ‘A Field Key to the Slugs of the British Isles’ that is out of print, as you probably know. It’s high time there was a new book on British molluscs! Good luck, Ralph

  2. Phil

     /  July 9, 2012

    I fear that the slug is becoming the dominant species in our wet summer. I’m just praying that evolution doesn’t give them wings by next year! Imagine flying slugs…

  3. When we go shopping i always say to Maddie must buy some Slugs, I mean GERKINS,because they look like they taste better as well!


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