House Martins

The other week I participated in the national survey of House Martins organised by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology).  I had to choose one of their random 1km x 1km squares on offer (TQ8116), and this covered the northern part of Westfield parish. Sadly, not a single house or building in that square had any active House Martin nests on them, nor did I see or hear a single House Martin anywhere there!

The good news is that on my return home to Greenacres I was pleased to see and hear the usual eight or so House Martins in the sky above our house. I only know of one active nest which is on a neighbour’s house in Greenacres, but I have no idea where the others have their nests. For many years I had 3 pairs regularly using artificial nests under our eaves, but they have remained empty over the last few years in line with a significant national decline.

HM at nest from BTO leaflet

If anyone knows of any active House Martin nests anywhere in Westfield this summer please would you let us know! Thank you.


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