Fieldfares, and Redwings

Saturday 4th March – My husband & I have just been putting up nest boxes in the garden when we noticed a large flock of birds land in nearby Oak trees. The birds were Fieldfares. There must have been at least 70 birds.


Apologies to Libby for not posting sooner as I missed the email whilst I was away. We would encourage all sightings to be sent to both Dave and myself in case one of us is away.

These winter thrushes start their return journeys north in March, as do Redwings which I heard moving north in good numbers over Westfield during the evening of 12th March. This turned out to be part of a much wider Redwing movement also heard in Southsea and Rye, that was detected across all of eastern England according to this BTO report ‘Redwings at night!


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